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[This was originally posted on February 5th @ www.jimpreisig.com]

In exactly two weeks, I will be running my first race.


I started running back in July on a whim, to see if “I could”.  I’ve always loved watching and participating in a variety of sports, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never really enjoyed running; AT ALL.  So I began my journey just to see if I had it in me to run 3 miles. Since then I’ve increased my distance and my pace and I am looking forward to the 13.1 miles I will run on February 19th in the LIVESTRONG Austin Half Marathon.

When I look back on the day I decided to join Team LIVESTRONG and run a half marathon, I can’t help but see God leading me down this road, and Him whispering “just run, and I will do the rest”. Running has come so easy for me. It has become my solace. The place I go to be with God. I don’t get a lot of alone time (in a house where there are four young boys and a new puppy!) But while I’m taking each stride, turning each corner and running down each path, trail or road… I’m praying.  Praying? Yes praying. It is my God time. And I look forward to each and every conversation.

Have you ever felt absolutely helpless while watching someone battle an illness and feel there isn’t much you can do? It is heart wrenching. But in each instance, I’ve grown in my faith and have become closer to God while supporting friends and family who have been in the fight of a lifetime. LIVESTRONG exists to provide support in every way possible to cancer patients and their families. I am extremely humbled when I think of the cheers I will hear as I run through the streets of Austin on the 19th… I know the cheers will NOT be for me, but for:

My dear friend LORI who has taught me so much and continues to battle post treatment challenges after beating cancer last year; my father-in-law JOHN who will celebrate 7 years of being cancer-free this summer; BOBBIE, who was like my second “mom” when we lived in Omaha, Nebraska and has just finished her last treatment for breast cancer; my good friend LISA from back in the day (who hasn’t exactly had it easy lately)…is currently in the midst of her treatment plan; my friend JACKIE who courageously faced her diagnosis and overcame it; Greg’s Aunt SUSAN who was just recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; my pastor at The Summit Church, JIM, who is such an incredible teacher and has an amazing outlook on life; my neighbor BRUCE who is still in the middle of his fight; lifetime friends PATTY and KEITH who have both beat cancer;  Uncle BILL, Uncle FRANK, RICKY and Aunt ELAINE; JERRY, a good friend of our family and fellow Bearcat; my sister’s best friend ADANA who courageously battled cancer for many years and is now with Jesus; and our very good friend Scott, whose mother MARILYN is currently in the midst of her battle with breast cancer. I know there are so many others that have touched your life that I will be running for as well.

I thank God for each and every individual I am honoring on my run. And the many more I will meet along the way. God has blessed me with this incredible gift and has placed me on this team so that I can make a difference. It is so important to remember fighting cancer is too great of a battle to take on alone. If you are able to give any amount large or small, I am still looking to raise $400 in order to reach my goal by February 15th for LIVESTRONG…. You can go here to read more about the impact your donation will make: Donate today and make a difference!

So many friends… family… neighbors… coworkers and complete strangers are in the FIGHT OF THEIR LIVES. There are two ways I know I can help them… running and praying. I won’t let them go through it alone!

Thank you for your support and I will cherish your prayers on Sunday, February 19th!

About thirteenonegirl

My running journey began in July of 2011 and I am so excited to see where it is going to take me! I've recently added swimming and biking to my workout schedule with the ultimate goal of competing in triathlons (as well as half-marathon and marathons). When I'm not running, swimming or biking... I am a busy mom of four boys, a dog and am married to an incredible husband! I do media design and communications for The Summit Church and also am lucky enough to design for various non-profit organizations. I am passionate about my faith and have become involved in fundraising for LIVESTRONG and competing as a part of their Team!

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